Is April Craig a player?

Name: April Craig
Other Names:
Physical Description: 5’4, blonde, overweight
Location: Windsor Missouri and Kansas City Kansas USA
Phone: 816-738-9080
Dating Profiles:

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We met up on Tinder and talked for awhile. I found out she was into BDSM which was cool with me. We exchanged numbers and talked some more. We made plans to meet up and have sex then after go out and spend the day together. I will send you guys the me pics she sent me of her naked in bed. I should have realized she was playing with lots of guys when she admitted she takes lots of those and they were old. Turns out a lot of her pics are old and she has gained a lot of weight since she took most of them. The day before our date she completely ghosted. Didn’t respond to my messages and blocked me on Tinder. All her lines about wanting a guy that was honest and trustworthy were bullshit because she is a liar and player herself.

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