Another List of Possible Players

The old list was getting pretty long so we started another. Evidently spammers on Craigslist are getting better and have real people responding to ads now.

Centurion Lover
A guy wrote us offering a small reward about real info for this woman. She wrote threatening him and then was stalking him but no one can find any real info about her.

Suzy Que moc.o1685479752ohay@168547975203euq1685479752.yzus1685479752
Probably an obese woman because she sends out fake pics and harasses guys
on on Craigslist that mention they aren’t interested in BBWs

CX P moc.e1685479752vil@n1685479752aelcd1685479752naeci1685479752n1685479752
Another one that just has initials and an unverifiable email address. The emails we saw made it pretty clear she was a spammer and english wasn’t her first language. She refused to send her pic even though the guy asked several times. Her best line? “Not, I do not sell cars. Maybe I can sell you make up but for your girlfriend if you want.”

Mia White moc.l1685479752iamg@168547975229eti1685479752hwaim1685479752
Wrote a guy but didn’t send her picture. He asked for one and Mia sent a photo of an obese woman. He pointed out his ad said he wanted a woman that wasn’t overweight and was not interested in her. She sent him several emails cursing and calling him names and continued to harass him.

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