Is Anna Grillot a player?

Name: Anna Grillot
Other Names:
Birthday: December 1979
Physical Description: 5’6″ average weight glasses dyes her hair but usually red lots of tats
Phone: 859-912-3223
Dating Profiles:

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Review: Liar and player. She is on this adult website and we talked about sex a lot. We are both into tying up and spanking and she has daddy issues. I thought we would have some fun so we made a date but when I got there she never came and never heard from here again.

The man sent screenshots we cannot post but they confirm his review. Do you think Anna Grillot is a player? Leave a comment below.

Update: Another man has contacted us. He did not write review but he shared screenshots showing he  meet Anna online and she play games with him before ghosting

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16 Replies to “Is Anna Grillot a player?”

  1. Anna is still playing games. Met her on one of those apps, tinder maybe don’t remember but she did the same thing to me. Wasn’t x rated though didn’t know she was into the freaky stuff

  2. I just met her on OKCupid. We talked for about a month and something was weird about her. A friend convinced me to look her up online and I found her here. I didn’t tell her about this website but I mentioned those girls that play games and asked her how she treated people. She swore up and down that she wasn’t like that and made a bunch of excuses. So we made a date and she canceled just like you guys said she would. Happened a few times and I gave up. Glad it didn’t work out she obviously doesn’t care about how she treats other people

  3. She liked me on OKCupid yesterday. Dont know if she remembers me or not but going to see if I can talk to her and ask her why she does this to guys

  4. I’ve never just stood anyone up. However, I had had plans for plans, then stopped talking to guy. When I stop talking to someone, I consider it the kinder thing to do rather than tell them what I find wrong with them. The last commenter, [name removed – if you would like to report someone use the report page], I was kind of excited about. We had a 97% match on okcupid, based on over 500 questions and answers, and our texts were going well. Then he insisted on a phone call and he sounded like he was pretending to be a woman. His voice was so high, it was like a falsetto, I was instantly disinterested. My voice is easily 10 octaves lower than his, and no one ever mistakes me for a man. He also has funny ideas about trust and i detected a very beta personality trying very hard to sound alpha. He most definitely thought he was better than everyone, and he seemed to think that I needed to prove myself to him, while I was supposed to just blindly trust him and give him my obedience and devotion. I disagreed, and stopped talking to him. The end… so I thought! Then I see him on here, and instantly recognized who he was because he had recently started a second profile with no name, that I matched with but had no clear pictures of him. He asked if I intentionally matched with him, and I ghosted him again. I didn’t want to tell him, “No, I certainly had no intention of matching with you, you look good on paper but your voice is like nails on a chalkboard and your full of yourself.” But here we are. I finally did let him know, and he “unmatched” or blocked me, without a word in return. I have the with no reply screenshots of me telling him exactly how how I feel about him, before his profile disappeared. I don’t wish to crush any man’s most delicate ego, so I leave it at nothing said… But if he insists, then I suppose I must.

  5. I believe the other guy was [name removed – if you would like to report someone use the report page], who I had a date with. I was to meet him at his apartment, I got in the bath to shave my legs and sent him a pictures of my calves, ankles and feet… but then he sent me an unsolicited dick pic and let’s just say I was less than enthusiastic about meeting him after that. He has absolutely beautiful eyes, but those don’t go far… in fact, I actually got so depressed about it, that I spent 8 hours in the tub, running more hot water with my toes on the tap, draining game the cold so I wouldn’t get hypothermia. My kids knocking on the door wanting dinner finally got me out of the tub.

    And if anyone else would like to man up and leave a name or an instantly recognizable minuscule dick pic, I’ll quite happily tell them the exact reason I quit talking to them. And if I crush their self inflated views of themself, so be it.

  6. She was going to hook up with a guy at his apartment and she gets so offended by a dick pic that she hides in the bathtub for an entire day and there are kids she was supposed to be taking care of instead of running around banging guys? She is a lying or she is crazy probably both

  7. I didn’t even know about this site until she attacked me online a few days ago and I had to block her. Can you tell her who it was so she knows it wasn’t me and leaves me alone?

  8. If you are going to a guys apartment to have sex or make a date with a different guy and change your mind but don’t tell them that is standing a guy up. How stupid can you be????

  9. I’m the guy that first reported her and then she matched with me again. Dude I am so sorry she went after you. I didn’t know she had fucked over so many men that she would think it was someone else. I hate getting played but we are better off than having to deal with a psycho like this girl. Be glad you learned about her before you wasted a lot of time on her like I did

  10. Be glad you avoided her oh, she is psycho. She is so crazy she can’t even keep a job

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