Is Angela Freitag aka Angela Millender a cheater?

Name: Angela Millender
Other Names: Angela Freitag
Angela McConville
Angela Drake
Location: Chicago Illinois USA
Phone: 219-218-7570

We are told that Angela likes to send out dirty pics and have phone sex but never shows up for real dates. After being reported here others have contacted us saying she had a boyfriend she was cheating on and sent the pics we have below.

Angela Frietag


One Reply to “Is Angela Freitag aka Angela Millender a cheater?”

  1. What kind of pathetic piece of shit would post this? So what if her and him had a little excitement from phone sex or pics..2 consenting adults right? Your just bitter because noone showed up when you sat their like a pathetic piece of shit with your dick in your hand. Sorry as mofo go back to jacking off to Web sites and magazines because nobody wants your sorry snitch ass.

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