Is Angela David aka ad52969@yahoocom a player?


Name: Angela David
Other Names: ad52969
Location: Newport Kentucky USA
Birthday: 1969 
Email: moc.o1679856729ohay@1679856729969251679856729da1679856729
Dating Websites: blonde73sub on AdultFriend Finder

So who is “Abcdefg” as she calls herself on adult websites? We don’t know her name or much about her. According to reports she tells guys a lot of different stories and she is a player. She may be another one that likes to play out some sex fantasies online with guys, make plans and pull a no show. There were many more pics that were pornographic and we could not post. Below is an censored example.

We first posted about Angela early in 2011. Recently we heard from someone that had run into this suspected player almost 2 years ago. He says her name is Angie David, she is about 40 years old and may be an elementary school teacher in Newport or Covington Kentucky wherever that is. He says she did the same thing to him. Contacted him on Adultfriendfinder, talked for a long time but didn’t show up for their date and stopped responding to his messages. To prove he knew her he sent pics of her from years ago.

Update: Another guy heard from Angela and had the same experience. According to the emails she was at least responsive but refused to send her pictures. Angela said she remembered talking to him before and was not interested but would not admit to what she remembered or why.

Update Sept 2015:
Another man contacted us and explained he met Angela on an adult website in 2014. He said they talked online but she would not give her number or email address. The agreed to meet and she didn’t show up. He did a search for her and found her here.

3 Replies to “Is Angela David aka ad52969@yahoocom a player?”

  1. This woman is in the Cincinnati area. She posts on POF and myspace. She has had the same hat picture for years. I never talked to her. Newport/Covington are in Kentucky right across the river from downtown Cincinnati…literally 2 minutes away.

  2. I actually just answered her ad on Craigslist. After a few emails I realized that we had met on Adult Friendfinder before and she did the same thing to me that she did to the other guys.

    This time she said I made her uncomfortable but wouldn't say why. After finding this I think its just an excuse and she is playing games. I used to have some other pics of here, will try to find them if you tell me where to send them.

  3. I hate bitches like this. Have met more than my share. Glad there is a site like this. Game playing, time wasting hoes deserve what’s coming. Fortunately not all good looking women on dating sites are like this.

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