Is Amanda Burk Gerling a cheater?

Other Names: Amanda Suzanne
BIRTHDAY: 8/28/75
LOCATION: Byrnes Mill Missouri USA
PHONE: 573-289-4138
Other Links:
Amanda Gerling lives in Byrnes Mill, MO.  She was married with three kids. In 2012, Amanda Gerling and a married man began an affair that lasted most of 2012, meeting at hotels and masking it as they were in school together.  The man was seeing other women at the same time and as Amanda was such good “friends” with his wife, she even went out with her looking for the man at nights, parking outside apartment buildings where they found his car.  Of course the man’s wife wasn’t aware Amanda was checking to see if he was cheating on her, not Amanda’s friend, the wife.
Amanda then found a number of different suitors on Ashley Madison under moc.o1685481534ohay@1685481534lagno1685481534itcur1685481534tsnoc1685481534esc1685481534 which you can verify in the Ashley Madison dump. Finally Amanda and her husband were divorced unbeknownst to him of her handful of affairs dating back to right before and after she was married.

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  1. Does anyone have live links for videos and pics? [comment edited to remove contact information. if you have information to share send it to us]

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