Is Amanda Brandenburg a cheater?

Name: Amanda Brandenburg
Phone: 5132133244
Email: moc.o1685479459ohay@1685479459101lr1685479459ug_ad1685479459nama1685479459 and moc.o1685479459ohay@16854794596381l1685479459rigsy1685479459ddad1685479459

In the email Amanda sent the picture above and told the guy she wanted to have sex with him but was cheating on her boyfriend.

So is she real person cheating? Or a fake?

Update: Amanda contacted us and asked that we take her picture down. We suggested that she apologize to the man she played to make that happen. She replied she would not ever apologize to him.

Amanda also made the excuse that she was single and never cheated. This is contrary to what she said in her original emails where she specifically told the guy that she had a boyfriend that she didn’t want to catch her.

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  1. I know this girl, she has always been a player. I will send you a new pic of her. She definitely don't look good anymore

  2. I think that’s fair to ask. her to apologize. For too long women have used online sites to seek attention they aren’t getting at home – with NO intentions of ever meeting. They waste our time and usually lie about their appearance. Good for you guys! Out these bitches!

  3. [comment removed because the person posting does not know the reviewer or add any new information]

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