Is Alice Lannon aka Alice Maynor a cheater or a player?

Name: Alice Lannon
Other Names: Alice Maynor and AliceDefying
Physical Description: 5’5, 150 and 34DD
Location: Louisville Kentucky USA
Phone: 502-291-6742
Dating Profiles:

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Review: I meet this woman Alice on a dating app. We talked about dating and even had phone sex she liked to tell me about how big her boobs are and how she likes to have them bitten and pinched. Made plans to hook up with her but she never showed up. She didn’t tell me she changed her mind or anything. no response to my texts at all I think she is cheating

Review November 2018: I found Alice on Bumble and we talked quite a bit. She was awesome and I couldn’t believe I was so lucky to have met someone so great. She talked a lot about honesty. How she hated online dating because of all the games people play. We made plans for a date and the day before she ghosted. I tried getting a hold of her several times and never heard back. About a month later she called and said she was sorry. That she had some bad stuff happen and she wanted to make it up to me. I believed her and agreed to another date. Then she ghosted on me again. I don’t know what her deal is but I know she can’t be trusted.

We did find two different names for Alice. Do you think she is a cheater or a player?

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