Is Alice Cronin a player?

Name: Alice Cronin
Other Names: Alice Belton
Birthday: 1976
Physical Description: 5 ft 5 125 36C
Location: Indianapolis Indiana USA
Phone: 317-450-8446

Alice Cronin met a guy on Tinder. The messages show she told the man she was into BDSM. They exchanged numbers and agreed to have have sex. In the messages Alice claimed to weigh 125 lbs American. When they were supposed to meet Alice didn’t show up or respond to the man’s messages. The man pointed out she made a strange face in many of her pics. They were also edited, filtered and only from the shoulders up which is something overweight women do. He thinks the reason she might have ghosted was because she said lied about being overweight and was uncomfortable with her appearance.

(we found pictures of her on her Facebook and she does not look 125 American lbs)

Is Alice a player?

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