Is Alexis Conner a cheater?

Name: Alexis Conner
Physical Description: 5’6, blue green eyes, overweight
Location: Charleston, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana USA
Email: moc.o1685479110ohay@16854791105995r1685479110ennoc1685479110a1685479110
Phone: 812-325-5282

The report is that Alexis met a man online and when they met to have sex the man realized the pictures were old and Alexis had gained a lot of weight since taking them. He said he liked her so the lies about what she looked like didn’t bother him. They had sex and started dating. The man then found out Alexis was lying to him and having sex with other men. When he confronted her Alexis stopped responding to his messages. He included pics of her naked and text messages showing to prove his story.

Above is a picture of what Alexis looks like in 2017 and below are the older pictures of her. Is Alexis Conner a cheater?

Update April 2018: Another man wrote us with proof he and Alexis made plans to meet. They talked and she told him she had a rape fantasy. She later texted him her address so he could come to her house. They made plans to have sex and just before she stopped responding to his messages.

Is Alexis a player or a crazy?

2 Replies to “Is Alexis Conner a cheater?”

  1. I know her and we were supposed to be going out but she hasn’t returned my phone calls in a week. I guess she was playing me to. I have all kinds of stuff on her though

  2. [Comment removed because Alexis Conner was threatening the safety of others. We do not allow threats, revenge porn, or any kind of violence towards others. This is a website to review people the same way many people review businesses or restaruants.]

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