Is Aimee Wilke a crazy?

Name: Aimee Wilkee
Other Names: allergic2basic
Birthday: 1982
Physical Description: 5’8″, size 8, 34DD
Phone: 513-316-0516
Fake Phone Number: 859-444-5490


Review: I met Aimee on Tinder. She told me she wanted to hook up that night so we exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet. Her messages were always really screwed up like she was drunk texting or something but she was hot and seemed really kinky.  When I was on my way to meet her she sent a bunch of texts and I couldn’t reply because I was driving. Then she went crazy and started cussing because I didn’t respond right away. By the time I got off the exit to answer her she had stopped responding to my messages and I never heard from here again.

Update March 2020: A man met Aimee on Tinder and the screenshots show Aimee said she was just looking to have fun sex. They made plans to meet but Aimee didn’t show up. The man tried calling Aimee but the number she had given him is a fake number.

Update September 2022: Another man contacted us. The messages show Aimee also gave him a fake number, made plans to meet and then ghosted.

Do you think Aimee is a fake or a player? Do you have any other information about her? Leave a comment below?

3 Replies to “Is Aimee Wilke a crazy?”

  1. Sounds like the same games she played with me and it was about the same time. Which number is the fake one?

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