Is Adrienne Osborne player?

Adrienne Osborne wearing glasses in car selfie

Name: Adrienne Osborne
Other Names: aloe82244
Physical Description: dark hair slim with fake boobs, tattoo on boob, leg, arm and lower back
Location: Hilton Head South Carolina USA
Phone: 843-310-2427 and 910-265-3077

Review: I met her on a sex site and she said she wanted to have fun and nothing serious. She sent me pics of her tits and playing with herself so I thought it was all good. We made plans to hook up but she stopped answering my texts the day we were supposed to hook up.

Update March 2019:
We received information from another man proving he also met Adrienne Osborne online. The messages show she led him on for weeks and stated her intention to have a “real relationship” with him. She said that she was tired of men who played games. She sent him nude pics and they made plans to meet before she ghosted on him.

(We cannot post the nude pics the man has and the number Adrienne gave him is a fake phone number)

Do you think Adrienne is a player? Leave a comment below.


Adrienne Osborne with dog

Adrienne Osborne topless with tattoos

Adrienne Osborne sitting on couch in flower dress

Adrienne Osborne in tight shirt fake breasts hard nipples

Adrienne Osborne in bed touching herself

Adrienne Osborne topless selfie

Adrienne Osborne with glasses car selfie


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  1. She told me a lot of stuff about guys playing games and lying. I believed her lies and then she played me. Made plans for us to meet but not in a sexual way and before we met she ghosted

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