Is Abigail Theobald a cheater or player?


Name: Abby Theobald
Nickname: Abigail Theobald, Abby Wallace and andabby92890
Description: 5’2 34DD
Location: Lexington KY
Email: moc.o1686141773ohay@1686141773098291686141773ybba1686141773
Phone: 859-575-7868
Dating Profiles:

According to the report Abby had met a guy but she kept leading him on. They would plan dates and then she would disappear. She would text him randomly like she was interested but then always break their dates

Update May 2015:
A man reported he had met Abby on Tinder and she claimed to be into having sex with older men. They made plans to meet but she didn’t show up.

3 Replies to “Is Abigail Theobald a cheater or player?”

  1. I met her on tinder and same thing happened. Think she is trying to find old guys to use for their money

  2. Just another woman who thinks it’s fun to waste men’s time, play with them when it’s convenient for her, with no intention of ever meeting. Basically a sad attention hoe who gets a sick thrill from it all. Thanks Karma Siren for giving us guys a place to vent about the same women who call us guys players.

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