Day: March 2, 2020

Is Rachel Watts aka Rachel Adaline a crazy?

Name: Rachel Watts Other Names: Rachel Adaline and rachelaz84 Birthday: February 21 1984 Physical Description: 5’7″ blond thing Location: Phoenix Arizona and Urbana Ohio USA Phone Number: 937-622-3294   Facebook: Other Links: In screenshots of the messages we saw Rachel met a man online and constantly sent him messages

Is Diane a scammer?

Name: Diane Other Names: MistressBonA09 Birthday: Physical Description: Location: Orlando Florida USA Email: moc.l1664724427iamg@16647244270enai1664724427dsser1664724427tsim1664724427 Diane is a scammer from that reached out to men pretending to be a dominatrix and using pics stolen from the internet.  Once she has a victim convinced she is a real person she demands