Day: February 10, 2020

Is Mary PetMSJCode a scammer or a fake?

Name: Mary Other Names: 33132petmsj561 Birthday: Physical Description: redhead, overweight with large breasts Location: Email: moc.l1664724515iamg@1664724515edocj1664724515smtep1664724515 Phone Number: 786-651-5069 A man met Mary online and her first message to him was about sex and she gave him a phone number. She told him a story about her phone being damaged

Is Donna Susan a scammer or a fake?

Name: Donna Susan Location: Tallahassee Florida USA Email: moc.l1664724515iamg@1664724515098na1664724515susan1664724515nod1664724515 Phone Number: 850-318-0950 A man met Donna Susan on a dating app called Joyride. Joyride is known to be most scammers. She sends man a fake phone number but he doesn’t realize it is fake.  After they start texting Donna asks